The application form for the vocational college study program is provided through an electronic application form, available on the website of the Higher Vocational Education Admissions Office. www.vss-ce.com/vps  

  • In the 1st aplication period you can apply from 15. 2. till 18. 3. 2021.
  • In the 2nd aplication period you can apply from 27. 8. till 31. 8. 2021.

The completed application form must be printed out from the website, signed and sent by registered mail to the following address: Višješolska prijavna služba, Pot na Lavo 22, 3000 Celje, Slovenija.

Prospective students, who graduated from secundary school outside Slovenia, have to send the following documents to Higher Vocational College: 

  • certified copy of the graduation certificate with certified translation into Slovenian language,
  • records certificates of the last two years together with certified translations into Slovenian language,
  • copy of the identification document,
  • cronological overwiev of previus education,
  • an application for recognition of education acquired outside Slovenia or decision on recognition of education acquired outside Slovenia  (form N) www.vss-ce.com/vps 

The students have to send teh required documents till:

  • 2. 7. 2021 (for the 1st aplication period)
  • 17. 9. 2021 (for the 2nd aplication period).

International Baccalaureat – IBO is equivalent to the matura certificate obtained in Slovenia.

When applying for enrollment to the study program Design of materials the prospective students, in addition to the above conditions, need to perform the test of talent, which includes a test of drawing and an interview with the candidate (who brings a portfolio with his / her works and biography).

All applicants will be invited in writing by the Higher Vocational College to attend the testing, which will be held in June and September 2021.